Ryan Mango
Ryan Mango '13
2x NCAA All-American, 2x Senior Nationals Champion, U.S. World Team Member

In order to fully understand the gravity of...importance of the Stanford Wrestling Program in my life, as well as the lives of its alumni, current and future student-athletes, it is helpful...

Patricia Miranda
Patricia Miranda '01
Olympic Bronze Medalist, 3x World Medalist, 5x World Team Member, Yale Law Graduate

My journey to Stanford wrestling...was enticed by my attraction to extremes, but also a process of elimination. I am a Brazilian with no knack for soccer...

Jeff Grant
Jeff Grant '97
Team Captain, Pac-10 Finalist, NCAA Qualifier

Wrestling has been an integral defining and enabling aspect of my life, character and philosophy.... It has helped me overcome extreme adversity in life and has set me up for success in so many ways.

Miguel Matta
Miguel Matta '06
Signal Processing Engineering Manager, Lockheed Martin

As a shy Mexican American kid from a low income household There are few schools like Stanford, schools that excel in academics and athletics. As a shy Mexican American kid from a low income household, I grew up not having much and with few opportunities.

Jimmy Aguirre
Jimmy Aguirre '96
2x Team Captain, 3x NCAA Qualifier, Foreign Policy Advisor / U.S. Diplomat

I have the privilege of representing our country as a United States Diplomat. My father did not graduate from high school, and my grandfather only completed sixth grade. Today, I have degrees from Stanford and Harvard and am currently posted to my sixth overseas assignment where I have the privilege of representing our country as a United States Diplomat.

Ryan Jung
Ryan Jung '01
MS&E, MBA Haas School of business
Product Manager

Wrestling taught me about reminding people of what their best version can be... The sport of wrestling taught me about reminding people of what their best version can be...

Michael Sojka
Michael Sojka '16
Civil & Environmental Engineering – BS ’15, MS ‘16
2x Team Captain
Software Developer, Product Manager

I wouldn’t be the person I am today... Without Stanford Wrestling, I wouldn’t be the person I am today.

Loren Vigil
Loren Vigil '91
BSME 91’, NM USAW Director
Business Owner

I find the most interesting and compelling testimonials... I find the most interesting and compelling testimonials to be from little known Stanford Wrestlers. So here goes my story...

Ryan Hagen
Ryan Hagen '05
MS Civil Engineering, 4-Year Starter, Team Captain, Project Manager

Wrestling became my instrument to experience the world.Opportunities to leave Montana and North Dakota are rare, if not unheard of, and wrestling became my instrument to experience the world.

Miguel Matta
Lucas Espericueta '11
Team Captain, NCAA Qualifier, VP at Farm Credit West

School, farm, and wrestling became my life’s focuses ...

Stu White
Stu White '00
Attorney / Public Defender

Wrestling saved my family, and Stanford Wrestling gave me a second one ...

Josh Lauderdale
Josh Lauderdale '15
4-year letter winner

To say that wrestling at Stanford changed my life would be an understatement. ...

Nick Amuchastegui '11
Nick Amuchastegui '11
2x NCAA Finalist, 3x NCAA All-American, Pac-12 Scholar-Athlete of the Year

Every now and then you can spot a poor kid ...from some no-name town walking through the Stanford campus..

Ethan Woods '21
Ethan Woods '21
Stanford University Class of 2021

I am from Manchester, Michigan, a small village of only about 2,000 people...Quite different from the hustle and bustle of Stanford...

By Pham '96
By Pham '96
ER Physician, HS Wrestling Coach

I am not in any record books and may not even be mentioned anywhere ...in the annals of Stanford Wrestling, but I know the impact it made on my life...

Austin Flores '19
Austin Flores '19
Software Engineer at Apple, Inc.

I knew from a young age that Stanford’s academic prestige and competitive D1 wrestling... program were unparalleled...

Harold Penson
Justin Muchnick '20
Rhodes Scholarship Finalist

Walking on to the Stanford wrestling team validated my years ...and years of discipline, focus, and sacrifice—my years and years of living and internalizing the manifold values and life lessons...

Harold Penson
Harold Penson '02
Army Special Operations Forces, Booth School of Business

Of the teams I’ve been a part of, I consider belonging to ...America’s most elite special operations unit and the Stanford Wrestling program to be greatest accomplishments.

Jaden Abas
Jaden Abas '23
Stanford University Class of ‘23

My name is Jaden Abas.

I am a Sophomore ...currently ranked 12th in the country on a team poised to achieve the program’s highest finish in Stanford history.

Rudy Ruiz
Rudy Ruiz '00
2x NCAA Qualifier, Pac-12 Finalist, Academic All-American

I am one of the few who through the sport of wrestling... have been able to beat the odds, and for the past 20 years since graduating from Stanford...

Patricia Miranda
Jordan Bryan '15
Rhodes Scholarship Finalist

My career with Stanford wrestling was improbable. It was untouched by victory.... It was and remains one of the greatest prides of my life.