We did it!
Stanford Wrestling is back

Wrestling and the 10 other sports that were targeted for elimination last summer are back at Stanford. The full statement from Stanford is available here. The FAQ link is accessible here. While there are lots of unanswered questions, this much is true: Wrestling will continue at Stanford, no strings attached. We are back!

To say this was a team effort would be the understatement of the century. Literally thousands of people stepped up in meaningful ways, large and small. Incredible humans drew on their time, their talents, their relationships, and their bank accounts to make today possible. Our coaches and wrestlers (and their parents) persevered through unimaginable circumstances to salvage what would become a historic season. And Shane Griffith put our message on his chest and our mission on his back for the whole world to see.

We chose the name Keep Stanford Wrestling instead of Save Stanford Wrestling intentionally. You keep what you have and save what you've lost. Wrestling never left Stanford and, with this decision and your continued support, wrestling will live on for many years to come. Please stay engaged as we move to a new phase of our effort: recovering lost momentum and endow a wrestling program that competes at the highest level, year-in year-out. We must continue to Keep Stanford Wrestling.

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