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In July 2020, Stanford University announced its intention to eliminate 11 Varsity sports at the conclusion of the 2021 season, including wrestling, citing “finances and competitive excellence” as the primary drivers for this decision. This conclusion was reached in private, without consulting the student-athletes, coaches and alumni who care deeply about these programs and have contributed meaningfully to Stanford’s athletic success. We are prepared to present the University with a superior alternative, offering our resources and creativity to ensure the secure and permanent preservation of wrestling at Stanford.

Our Plan

With the support of our community and in coordination with the administration, we plan to independently finance Varsity wrestling through a full endowment while ensuring that the University is in full compliance with Title IX. Instead of losing a quintessential sport with a proud tradition of success, Stanford will be able to reduce its athletic budget while continuing to benefit from a competitively successful, diverse program and the contributions and goodwill of over 400 wrestling alumni and thousands of supporters.

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Ways to Help

We have a tremendous opportunity to securely and permanently endow a 100-year old program that will positively impact many, many lives for generations to come. This is a call to action for everyone involved, and there are many ways that you can help:


We are raising an endowment and adding women’s wrestling to sustain Stanford Wrestling for another 100 years. Any and all contributions are appreciated.

Make a pledge online or download our commitment form and fundraising strategy presentation here. For major gifts, please contact us.

Write a letter

While emails alone will not ultimately determine our success, a steady influx of them can help those working behind the scenes find more sympathetic ears if written appropriately.

Please read our correspondence guide in its entirety before you start. Maintaining a respectful tone is crucial at this juncture.

Sign the petition

Sign your name on this petition, then share it within your networks to spread awareness and show your support for Stanford Wrestling.


If you have the time and desire to help one of our four committees---Strategy, Finance, Influence, or Communications---please let us know!

Even if you feel like your experience is less relevant, do not hesitate to sign up as it will help us know who is interested in helping and in what areas.


Closing October 26th, get your KSW gear today! All proceeds go to KSW.

Support on Social Media

It’s important to keep the conversation around our efforts to keep the program at the forefront.

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