Stanford's decision to cut 11 sports was never about "Finances and Competitive Excellence"

The decision was never about money

Stanford Wrestling alumni and supporters have raised over $12.5 million to self-endow the program into perpetuity and Stanford has refused to reconsider.

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Stanford Wrestling is nationally competitive

Stanford Wrestling recently won a Pac-12 title and annually produces NCAA qualifiers and All-Americans. This year, in the face of horrendous circumstances the program produced multiple All-Americans, an NCAA champion, and the Outstanding Wrestler of the national championships.

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Wrestling is among the most diverse teams at Stanford

In cutting wrestling, Stanford is eliminating a vital pathway to higher education for low-income and first-generation college students.

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You Can Help
Email the Board of Trustees

Tell Stanford's President, Provost, and Board of Trustees that now is the time to reinstate wrestling and all of the 11 sports that were eliminated.

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